Indian Awqaf
Sector Highlights

A Data-Waqf of
Waqf Assets

Step 1

You enrol as a Waqf Volunteer

You tell us about yourself, the waqf property or asset in your neighborhood that need to be recovered/ developed/ managed better.

Step 2

We confirm you as a Waqf Volunteer

We share with you relevant data, if any, from WAMSI database and advise you on data to be collected.

Step 3

You visit the waqf property

You share your location with pictures/ videos

Step 4

You make note of and share with us:

1. Who is/are the Mutawalli(s) and Beneficiaries of the property

2. Details of the property (size, type, condition etc.)

3. How the property has been put to use

4. Returns (e.g. lease rentals) from similar properties in the neighbourhood

Step 5

We update our database, and connect to stakeholders

1. We identify problem areas/ potential for development

2. We connect to media and advocacy groups

3. In case of encroachment or any other form of non-compliance with law, we initiate legal action through volunteering lawyers on our platform.

Step 6

We recommend the appropriate financing and development model

1. We help selected projects to raise funds via dedicated crowdfunding platform

2. We place every record and trasaction relating to a specific waqf asset on blockchain

3. We allocate Ajr coins based on the consensus algorithm.